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Tracking - Make it fun and your dog will love it!  Teach your dog to be a tracking leader.


Testimonial for Tracking Book:

"The tracking book you wrote is really good. After reading the basics and TD sections, I made some changes to the way I was practicing with Denali. Since then I made 4 practice runs with her and today she certified!!!!!!

Thank you so much. The changes I made based on your book made the difference for us!

Michael and Denali="


My bookcan help you with your tracking goals.

A little about myself...

I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching and working with many aspects of AKC Tracking since 1994.  I have handled two of my dogs to earn their Champion Tracker Titles and have attended several AKC and other Tracking Seminars (one VST seminar given by Barbara Adcock and myself), and have also attended over 60 tracking tests as an entrant or an observer – (about 30 of these being VST), and have personally seen how some handlers actually fail their dogs at a test and how some handlers and dogs work together to pass tracking tests.

I highly recommend observing as many tracking tests as possible – not only to support your fellow tracker, but to learn!

Having been involved with training dogs since 1984, my first obedience dog, Au, earned an obedience Utility title. After Au, came my second Golden Retriever, Ember, who became a Champion Tracker, and had a Utility Dog and a Rally Novice title.  My third Golden came from my litter.  His name was Journey. Journey became a Champion Tracker and had UD, RAE OAP OJP VCD2 JH CGC & TDI titles. Journey also earned his International Championship and Golden Retriever Club of America titles of WC CCA VCX. Journey helped with successfully tracking two lost dogs in December 2000 and December 2001 who escaped from automobile accidents on major highways in California

Both Ember and Journey were Therapy Dogs - with more than 150 visits to Senior Day Care Centers and Assisted Living Alzheimer's units.

I had a Rescue dog for 3 years who lived to be 16 1/2 years old. She earned her Canine Good Citizen at age 15! My dogs have all been my home companions!

My previous dog, TJ, earned his TD and TDX within 6 weeks at ages 12 & 13 mos. He was very close to passing a VST test when I lost him.

Bea Moore
San Jose, CA

Ambermist Harvest Odyssey (very cute pup)

At the Bridge:

RATCH-X3 Wild Mtn The Journey Continues CDX, PCDX, BN, RE, TDX, CCA, TEAM2, W-SSFD, SDS-N; NACSW ORT (3); CZ8 Platinum Bronz; TKA, CGC, TDI (TJ)

CT Int'l-CH Lone Hill It's All In The Journey VCD2 UD RAE OAP OJP JH CCA VCX WC CGC TDIA (Journey)

CT Janus N Flashfire's Hot Ember UD RN CGC TDIA (Ember)
“It is important to wait when your dog has a problem and allow him to work it out on his own. Taking water breaks at this time can be helpful. It settles him down and wets his olfactory (sense of smell). I highly recommend a water break at every article, as well as any difficult area. Sometimes, in a difficult area, the dog will begin to continue and then break off a few times. That's definitely a sign that it's time for water!”
 Bea Moore
   January 2007

I have written a Tracking Book that covers the training needed for TD TDX and VST tracking along with answers to many of the challenges along the way. Click here for more information.

Click here for the current AKC Tracking Regulations