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Rally for Puppies, Beginners, & Jr. Handlers

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Bea has been thoroughly involved with AKC Rally since January 2003. Since then, she's been teaching Rally classes and is an AKC Rally judge.

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New AKC Rally for Puppies, Beginners, and Jr. Handlers

This is spiraled in Booklet form for easy access. It is 5 1/2 x 8".






This book is designed to help Beginners to Rally and Junior Handlers learn about Rally.  This book will cover all of the AKC Rally Novice signs. 
  • There are small courses to cover a few signs at each lesson.
  • There are useful tools to help during the training. 
  • Terminology will be discussed and it is highly encouraged that it always be fun for both handler and dog. 
  • Training with very short sessions and quitting before the dog thinks about quitting is of the utmost during dog training at all times.


When do you reward your pup?
How do you reward your dog?
How often do you reward your dog?
How long should your training sessions last?
Is it important that your pup is exactly where he should be?
How do you keep your dog on your left side?
How do you get your dog to come to the front of you and face you?
There are many questions answered in this book.
Most of all, you just want to have fun with your pup and know that your pup is happy being with you.
This book comes in COLOR only at this time.

AKC Rally for Puppies, Beginners, and Jr. Handlers

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