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A little about myself...

I have been competing with my dogs in Obedience since 1983, Tracking since 1994 and Rally since 2003. I've trained and handled three of my dogs to a UD title, trained and handled two to be Champion Trackers, trained and handled a Senior to RN, one to RE and one to an REA title. I adopted a Sr. dog at 10 1/2 yrs and got a TD on him and a Rally Master title, along with many Scent Work titles up to the Master class, as well as several NASDA titles through level 2. My dogs all have earned both a CGC and Therapy Dog titles. Two have had a TDIA (over 50 visits). I had a Rescue dog for 3 years who lived to be 16 years old. She earned her Canine Good Citizen at age 15! My dogs have all been my home companions!

I've been thoroughly involved with AKC Rally since January 2003. I've attended several AKC Rally & many Obedience seminars and have taught Rally and Obedience for 3 different dog training clubs. Many students have received titles, including many placements.

My training methods include the use of treats, toys, motivation and only R+ training in my Rally and Obedience classes. In the Advanced classes, using these methods along with continued foundation exercises constitute a well balanced team for competition.

Rally History:

--Training dogs since 1983
--Teaching Dog Training Classes since 1998
--Began teaching Rally in 2003, before it was a non-regular class
--Began judging AKC Rally in 2005 when it became a regular class
--Began designing AKC rally courses in 2003 when we first heard about it from AKC
--Published her first AKC Judge's Course Book and first AKC Rally Trainer's Workbook in 2006
--Rally Videos, Flip cards
--Special requests

Since then, Bea has made updates and brought out new books to keep you up to date at all times. There have been 17 Rally books published to date.
November 2022

Bea Moore
P.O. Box 20593
San Jose, CA 95160
408-838-5316 (cell)
eMail Bea

Ambermist Harvest Odyssey MTLCH, MULCH Ambermist Harvest Odyssey CCA, RI, ORT, SWN, TKA, RATO, VL-G, TL3X2, TL2X2, UL3X2, UL2X2,, TB2, SD1 (Jason)

At the Bridge:
OTCH Wild Mtn Better Watch Your Speed UDX7, OM9, TD, BN, VER, RAE, RM, SWN, SWA , SWE, TKI, LI-2, SD-2, CGC, OBHF, CCA (Casey)

RATCH-X3 Wild Mtn The Journey Continues CDX, PCDX, BN, RE, TDX, CCA, TEAM2, W-SSFD, SDS-N; NACSW ORT (3); CZ8 Platinum; TKA, CGC, TDI (TJ)
CT Int'l-CH Lone Hill It's All In The Journey UD VCD2 VST RAE OAP OJP JH CCA VCX WC CGC TDIA (Journey)
CT Janus N Flashfire's Hot Ember UD RN TDIA CGC (Ember)
Au UD (Au)

Training dogs since 1983, Training Classes since 1998 - currently an Obedience and/or Rally trainer at:

  • Town & Country DTC, Fetch Sam, San Jose - Thursday & Friday evenings (indoors)
  • Member of 2006 AKC Rally Advisory Committee member
  • Currently an AKC Provisional Open judge and AKC Rally judge
  • Previously taught classes for Deep Peninsula DTC in Mountain View and Santa Clara DTC in San Jose.