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2019 Rally Trainer's Workbook

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Bea has been thoroughly involved with AKC Rally since January 2003. Since then, she's been teaching Rally classes and is an AKC Rally judge.

Winter Discount!

2019 Trainer's Workbook. Over 200 pages!

Do you want to teach your class all the signs in one session? I've done the work for you to ensure this happens. These sessions teach all of the signs in the class you choose to teach - from Novice to Master.


 This 2019 workbook will accomodate any size class.....
 • Eight 6 to 7-week Master sessions (all signs covered each session)
• Four 12-week Master sessions (all signs covered each session)
• Excellent classes can use Master sessions.
• Eight 6 to 8-week Adv/Nov sessions (all Nov/Adv signs covered each session)
• Four 6-week Novice sessions (all Novice signs covered each session • All courses are “to scale”.
• Trainers will love the versatility for teaching any level of class!
• There is 14’ allowed for the Master jump signs.
• There is the regulation 15’ and 6’ allowed for the different “Call” and “cone” signs.
• All of the Call signs have the exit going to the right, making it easier for the handler.


Workbooks are offered in black/white or Limited Color

Winter Discount - 2019 AKC Rally Trainer's Workbook

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Black/white - excellent/clear quality

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