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What is Rally?.

November 2017 Rally Signs and Flip Cars are available now. Bea has designed all the new signs to be consistent with the previous signs she has designed for AKC (see signs). These signs are being used for all the signs in her merchandise.

Coming soon:

  • Flash Cards
  • Trainer’s Workbook
  • Judge’s Course Book

Thank you for being patient.

2012 Workbook 4.0 Supplement
for Trainers


Indoor AKC Rally Classes in San Jose

Next session begins May 20

Drop-ins are occasionally allowed


DISCOUNT ON 2012 merchandise EXCEPT VIDEO & NEW Trainer's Workbook 4.0 Supplement !


Orders that are not Priority can about 2 weeks for delivery. A follow-up message will be sent when package is mailed to let you know delivery date.




**NEW -- Wall Poster of Signs**

Bea & Ember




2012 "AKC Rally Courses 5.0 for Judges"

These are courses that have been used at the AKC National competitions with slight modifications.
They have been designed into nested courses for you to use at Trials!
Ring sizes at AKC National competitions are 40x50.

All courses in this book are designed for 40x50 rings.




2012 AKC RALLY VIDEO ! This video was produced with the intention to give you a first class video to learn Rally. Anyone in a remote area can learn from this video, and anyone who takes classes will be enhanced by this video. There are no stones left unturned in this video in preparation for entering a Rally Trial.


K9 Rally Classes



We include an extra sign for signs # 208, and 209 in our Complete Set of AKC Rally Signs. This second sign can be put behind the course sign so handler can see it after going to the"Call" sign. These Signs can now be ordered.

Click here for all links, including AKC Links .

Bea has been competing with my dogs in Obedience since 1983... Click here to learn more about her.

New to Rally? A short discussion of Rally may be seen by clicking here.

Bea has authored ten books on Rally and a book about Tracking. More information may be seen by clicking here.

Need to design a Rally Course? Click here to order Rally Course Design 4.0. This book includes includes 31 nested courses PLUS Course Design Strategies for Judges..

Want to make teaching Rally Classes effortless? Click here to see how our Rally Trainer's Workbook can help you.

Are you teaching Rally to beginners, puppies or junior handlers? Click here to see more information about this introductory book to Rally.

Have you seen a Rally Trial? Watch our video to better understand rally in action. More details here.

Watch the following short clip from our DVD by clicking here: Start   

Need to brush up on the Rally signs to instantly recognize them? Try our Flash cards and our NEW Flip Cards.

Need to set up a Rally Course or update your signs? Go to our signs page for new signs or our update page for adding to your current signs.

Would you like to take a Rally class in the Northern California Bay Area? Click here to see a list of local classes.

We are maintaining a list of rally events here. If you would like your event to be on my list (and it is not already there) send an eMail.

Tracking information is included on this web site which you can see by clicking here.

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