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DOWNLOAD -- Comparisons of signs and descriptions between November 2017 AKC Rally signs and the previous 2012 signs.

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There are currently 105 AKC Rally exercises. There are also 6 signs which are Directional Signs linked to a specific exercise. Directional signs tell the handler which way to go after completing the exercise. So, in essence, there are actually 111 signs, including the Directional Signs.


You can now purchase a complete set of demonstrated signs - one video and 2 flash drives (below), or individually.


All Videos of signs have been done from different angles, using different breeds, different sizes of dogs for each sign on all videos!!


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2017 Master Signs Flash Drive

Master Signs

There are 28 new Master signs.


NOW $20.00


2017 New Novice, Advanced, Excellent Signs Flash Drive

There are 16 new signs (6 Novice, 5 Advanced, 5 Excellent)



2012 AKC Rally -

The Complete Guide - Second Edition

There are 67 signs on this video with excellent demos of all signs, including information and helpful hints.

(Doesn't include new 2017 signs - they are available on separate flash drives):




This video does not include new 2017 rally signs - they are available on separate flash drives.


Two Flash Drives plus One Video





Rally is something I have embraced since 2003 because I feel strongly about the future of AKC obedience.  I believe Rally will build the necessary confidence that new handlers need to continue on to Obedience.  It should be fun for you and your dog as in obedience.

We present our videos from the Judge's Point of View.  Our cameras will be situated for you to see each exercise as a judge may view it.

I want to help you understand the Rally exercises according to the AKC Regulations.

In AKC Rally, the dog and handler will move continuously to complete a course of 10-20 numbered stations together. Each of these stations has a sign to be performed.  The dog will be at the handler's left side.

The judge will say "Forward" and the team will complete the entire sequence of numbered signs.  Unlimited communication from the handler to the dog is encouraged.  Handlers can talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their legs, or use any verbal means of encouragement including multiple commands and/or signals with one or both arms and hands.  The handler may not touch the dog at any time during the performance.

AKC Rally is a good introduction to other AKC Companion events."