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2017 Rally Work Book

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2017 AKC Rally Trainer's Workbook 6.0

Cloverleaf changes in this book as of Dec. 4 to comply with AKC.



  Can you believe that you can teach 112 signs in 6 weeks?? Not easy, but this book will help you do it. You can also teach them all in up to 12 weeks, to space them out a bit. This workbook will accomodate any size class.....

 Four 6-12 week Sessions for Classes (see below)!!
 Rally Trainer' s Class Guide
 Plus Handouts:
 Rally Basics for Students
 Rally Basics at Trials in the Ring
 First time at a Trial?
 All Signs + Descriptions
 Glossary of Rally Terms
 Rally Titles

Workbooks are offered in black/white or Limited Color

2017 AKC Rally Trainer's Workbook 6.0

All courses are black/white - same as before - very good quality

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Limited COLOR AKC Rally Trainer's Workbook 6.0

Media Mail - 7-15 day delivery $62.95

All courses are in brilliant color


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Advanced Classes cover ALL Novice, Advanced, Excellent, Master signs (112) in 6-12 lessons.

Trainers have the option of easily breaking down the weekly classes to cover all of the rally signs in 6-12 classes, depending on the level/size of the class.

There are three (3) courses to choose from for the Advanced classes each lesson.

    1. One longer course is designed to cover 19-24 signs in one class.

    2. Two smaller courses are designed by splitting the longer course in half, making two small courses, each with a start and finish.

Novice Classes cover ALL Novice signs (43) in 6 lessons. Both the jump (103) and the Sit-Stay (298) are introduced in the Novice classes on week 3 of each 6-week session.

Number of different signs in each class:
Novice 43
Intermediate 22 (same as Advanced class without jump (103)
Advanced 23
Excellent 18
Master 28