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A Detailed Guide to Tracking

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Tracking Guide

The Tracking Book with all the answers


Handy size 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" – Spiral bound with laminated covers

This Tracking Book covers training needed for TD, TDX and VST tracking along with answers to many of the challenges along the way.

Many questions about tracking and scent are answered for the beginner.

Highlights from book:

  • Detailed Basic Tracking Instructions
  • Yard Comparison Chart for Tracking
  • Discussion on TD, TDX & VST Training
  • Tracking - What You Will Need
  • How to Lay a Track and Run a Track ? for Beginners
  • How to Lay a Track and Run a Track ? Advanced
  • Tracking Hints
  • Advanced Questions
  • Tracking Test
  • Article Indication and Retrieve
  • The Challenges of Variable Surface Tracking
  • Appendix I. Sessions for Beginning & Advanced  Tracking
  • Appendix II. Introducing VST Transitions
  • Appendix III. Drawing Maps
  • Appendix IV. Training Sessions for Specific Problems
    • Serpentines
    • Turns
    • Starts
    • Corners
    • Restarts
    • Article Indication
And More - Many questions answered in this Book!