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2012 AKC Rally Courses 4.0 for Judges and Trainers

31 Nested Courses and Course Designing Strategies - 149 pages

This book gives you 31 NEW nested courses meeting current 2014 AKC Regulations.

Includes a Chapter on Important Course Designing Strategies

Course Design guidelines were followed making these courses very easy for any judge to use.

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Courses in order of breakdown
for Ring Entrance/Exits

Features In This Book include

Designing Rally Courses

  • Placement of Tables
  • Exit, Entry & Placement of Start Sign
  • Placement of Finish Sign
  • Placement of Sit Stay
  • Distance Between Signs
  • Distance before/after Jump
  • Distance between Cones
  • Angles & Turns
  • Using Cone Exercises To Your Advantage
  • Stationary Signs with Sits
  • Using A Grid, White Board Designs
  • Choice Of Signs For Courses
  • Sharing Cones/Sign Holders on Courses
  • Timing A Course
  • Course Statistics on every Course
    • times for a clean run
    • # of signs
    • # of stationary signs
    • # of required signs in each class


  • Course Statistics (times, # of signs, # of stationary signs, # of required signs in each class

Other Tools

  • Directions for Rally Stewards
  • Sample of Judge's Worksheet
  • Master 40 x 60 Ring for designing your own courses from scratch
*Requirements Nov Adv Exc
# of signs
Stationary Signs
Advanced Signs
minimum 3
minimum 2
Excellent Signs
minimum 3


includes #210, if used

Testimonial - This is a great book for me even though I am not a judge.  I teach a Rally class for only one hour a week and I only have an area large enough  for one ring.  I must use that ring for Excellent, Advanced, and Novice students AT THE SAME TIME.  This book is so well designed that I can adapt it to my needs very easily.  I use  posts in the ground and put one EXC or ADV. sign on the top of the post and a Novice sign is attached beneath it so all levels in my class can go through without my changing anything. With my time and energy limitations, this is terrific.  The layout of your courses are so similar that I  can stack them one on top of the other.

I HATED designing these course every week for that class—and now I can begin to enjoy the group again.   You have saved me a couple of planning hours each week.  Thanks for your good designs.  I really appreciate it.

Janet Bourque   

AKC Rally Courses for Judges- Version 4.0 – AKC Judge's Nested Course for Trials – also good for classes – includes Important Course Design Stragegies and 31 nested courses (93 courses)

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43 Nested courses for Trials (129 courses)!!


AKC Rally Courses 4.0 & 5.0

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AKC Rally Courses 4.0 & 5.0


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One Inch Course Thumbnails

Small 1" Course Thumbnails on One Magnetic Sheet for designing courses on 12" magnetic boards. $12.95 $11.95


Small 1" Course Thumbnails on Glossy Photo Paper for copying onto magnetic sheet. $5.95
Blank Magnetic Sheets, 8 1/2" x 11" $8.95