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AKC 2020 Complete Rally Handbook

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AKC 2019 Rally Judge's Nested Courses

AKC 2019 Trainer's Book with Student Handouts

AKC 2020Rally Flip Cards

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AKC Tracking Book

Began in May 2020 - continuing till Pandemic ends.....
(updated February 2021)

15% to 50% off - SEE BELOW



AKC Virtual Obedience Regulations
begins in March 2021

SALE during Continuing CoronaVirus Sheltering


All K9Rally Books, Flash Cards, Flip Cards, Videos and Signs are up to date for 2020.


RALLY VIDEOS - "AKC Rally - The Complete Guide - 2020 "

2020 Videos of AKC Rally Signs for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent and Master signs

Available NOW!!! Order All on one flashdrive, or order Individual Classes on one flashdrive

***NEW*** K9Rally's New 2020 Handbook - CLICK HERE

Small size - 5 1/2" x 8", with coil on left side



from Start to Finish


This is a book you can use if you have nobody to train with or if you just want a Good Handbook with everything in it!!





Our new "2020 Videos Flashdrive" would compliment this Handbook.


 Learn AKC Rally at home

All Signs - Descriptions – Helpful Notes

Tools/Suggestions/Shaping your dog

Having fun and Enjoying all your rally training




AKC Obedience & Rally Demo Videos

Coronavirus "Sheltering" Special

Free Signs (above) and Free Instruction (below) for All Rally Classes and Obedience Show Novice
Updated Dec. 2020

5-1-20 - These COVID-19 AKC Rally and Obedience Beginner Novice/Novice classes (below) have been covered daily in the past 6 weeks since 3-23-20. All signs and exercises have been covered. If anyone wants more clarification on any of them, I'd be happy to consider doing this for you.


There are quite a few trainers doing virtual classes now. We've been doing virtual training at Town & Country DTC in San Jose since May 😉. This has been a learning curve for all of us, using Zoom, and I believe it's a transition we will all be needing to master in order to move forward.


I've enjoyed sharing my ideas with you to help you in understanding/learning these signs and obedience exercises. I've only touched the surface on them. I've since published a new book "2020 Complete Rally Handbook" with it's contents including clarification of many terms, signs, exercises, and courses.


Feel free to contact me and please

Please contnue to Be Safe.... Stay Safe!

Beatrice Sanches Moore 


***You can download different sizes of Rally signs to print ABOVE.

If this works for you during our "sheltering" let me know.

Hope everyone is healthy and keeping safe.

TCDTC has also been sharing tips on their facebook page, here is a list


Refer to
"AKC Demos for Rally and Obedience Exercises"
if demos do not work on TIPs sheet below


Coronavirus "Sheltering" Special

Coronavirus Sheltering - Free Training Lessons were given daily between March 23 and May 1. This is something that can be repeated to learn all of the Rally signs and Obedience Novice/BN exercises in 5-6 weekly classes.

All Rally Novice Signs in 6 weeks and All Obedience Novice and Beginner Novice Exercises in 6 weeks!

(CLICK HERE and scroll down if AKC video for sign doesn't work on tips page)

Week of March 23, 2020 - Week 1 -


January 2020 AKC Rally Changes


Current 2019 AKC Rally Regulations

Current 2019 AKC Obedience Regulations

Complete Set of AKC Signs

AKC Videos - Rally signs and Obedience exercises

Acceptable Paths for Cloverleaf Directions


The N,I,A,X,M on each sign lets you know which class that sign can be used in.  The Novice signs can be used in all classes.  The Intermediate/Advanced signs can be used in all classes except Novice. (Exception: Jump cannot be used in Intermediate class). The Excellent (X) signs can be used in Excellent and Master classes.  The Master signs can only be used in the Master class.


Complete Set of AKC Sign Descriptions



Home of AKC Rally Merchandise

Established 2006

We also have ASCA and CKC Rally Signs

We have been creating and publishing Rally merchandise for over 12 years! We actually dabbled in it since 2004 when it was a non-regular class.

Our company has grown and we continue to make improvements to help the AKC Rally community of Trainers, Judges, and exhibitors.

We thank all of you who continue to follow us. If there is ever a question or concern about our products, don't hesitate to contact Bea

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2019 Rally Trainer's Workbook


2019 Judge's Course Book 6.0

Books are offered in very good quality black/white - same as before

LIMITED - This book is also offered with brilliant color

These are all new nested courses to be used at Trials beginning November 1, 2017. There are 12 nested courses for Master, Excellent, Advanced, Intermediate and Novice classes. These courses meet AKC requirements for judges to use at Trials.


Rally Signs




Flip Cards


Flash Cards


Download Current Descriptions



Bea has designed all the new signs to be consistent with the previous signs she has designed for AKC . These signs are being used for all the signs in her merchandise.


In the new set are 128 signs which include required duplicates.  (111 different signs).

See table of new/changed/unchanged signs


2019 Rally Regulations


See our new K9Rally Smart Phone Apps



What is Rally?


"K9Rally" Rally Signs App for Androids now available.

K9Rally iPhone App will be available soon.

There are currently no inhouse AKC Rally Classes at TCDTC.

However they have Virtual Rally classes for Beginning and Advanced students. Dogs are limited to 5. Inquire about auditing without dog.




Bea & Ember







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Bea has been competing with my dogs in Obedience since 1983... Click here to learn more about her.

New to Rally? A short discussion of Rally may be seen by clicking here.

Bea has authored fifteen books on Rally and a book about Tracking. More information may be seen by clicking here.

Need to design a Rally Course? Click here to order the new Rally Course Design 6.0. This book includes includes nested courses PLUS Course Design Strategies for Judges..

Want to make teaching Rally Classes effortless? Click here to see how our new Rally Trainer's Workbook 6.0 can help you.

Are you teaching Rally to beginners, puppies or junior handlers? We will soon have a new update!

Have you seen a Rally Trial? We have a Rally video to better understand rally in action.

Need to brush up on the Rally signs to instantly recognize them? New Flip Cards now Available.

Need to set up a Rally Course or update your signs? Go to our signs page for new signs or update kit your current signs.

Would you like to take a Rally class in the Northern California Bay Area? Click here to see a list of local classes.

We are maintaining a list of rally events here. If you would like your event to be on my list (and it is not already there) send an eMail.

Tracking information is included on this web site which you can see by clicking here.

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